The Joys of Moving
July 22, 2011

In two days, I’m off on the road trip to grad school! It’s funny how long I always put off packing and now, with one day left, I have quite a bit to do. The nerves are setting in. I’m nervous about getting to know a new city, about doing well in my new position, about starting coursework where I have to read and write extensively. I never had to do that as an undergrad!

I’ll let you know how it all goes when I get there – we’ve got moving into the apartment, finding a car, getting new drivers licenses, and grabbing Matt from the airport to do. Whew! Wish me luck!

Summer Sun
June 24, 2011

Hey everyone! We’re in the depths of summer now; well, summer officially just began but honestly it’s about halfway through for me. It hasn’t been quite what I expected, but at least I haven’t been doing much work, haven’t been too stressed out, and I’m really looking forward to the fall.

I’ll be heading up to Ohio around the 24th of July. My parents and I are driving up and then I’m meeting Matt there so we can look for our first car. I’ve got pictures of my apartment already – it’s huge! Two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and a little hallway. I’m really looking forward to having my own space, being able to cook, and having candles in my apartment. Really, some of you will have to visit.

I’m also thrilled about…well, everything for next year. The department looks fantastic, my supervisor has been really nice and helpful all summer, OU has an amazing rec center and a hockey rink, and I can’t wait for my job training and classes to start. I think it’s going to be fantastic, and I’m excited to be doing something I’m really, really interested in.

Needless to say, ya’ll will be hearing a TON about it when I get there.

Until then, I’m enjoying home. Matt came to visit and we’re dropping down to San Antonio for a few days. I’m also doing some modeling the weekend after (squeeee!) and then probably trying to clean up the house and figure out what I want to take with me to Ohio. The summer is moving a lot faster than I expected and I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I wanted….but such is life.