End of Training Week 2
August 14, 2011

This weekend marks the end of training week 2, and also the end of prof. staff training. Monday is a work day, Tuesday we have some departmental meetings and things, and Wednesday the ARAs get here. The current plan is for a bunch of the new staff (and some second year grads) to get together Monday and organize our in-hall materials, figure out what we still need to do, and generally get ourselves prepared for the arrival of our RAs.

In just these two weeks, I feel like I’m starting to settle in here. I have a better grasp of campus, I’ve taken the car for a spin around town, and I’m almost finished completely cleaning and re-organizing my office. I have a to-do list that I’m keeping up with and things in the apartment are getting settled down and organized as we go along. I had a great supervision last night in which my RC and I discussed my goals for the year; I’m currently working on getting them well-worded so they are actually track-able. We also had a great conversation about the new Educational Initiatives model that is replacing the old programming model. It was a good chance for us to both discuss how we planned on implementing certain pieces of the new model and how we planned to integrate traditional programming into it. It was a great chance for us both to bounce ideas off of one another.

I also e-mailed my RAs yesterday to introduce myself and tell them how excited I am for them to get here. I really want to make a good first impression on them, especially since many of them will be close to my age. It’s nice that most of the other new RDs recently graduated as well, and some of them were actually ARAs and SRAs here at OU.

I expect I’ll be feeling much better once my office is finished and I plow through some of the larger, scarier items on my to-do list. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

In other non-student-affairs-related news, pretty much nothing else has been going on. Training has essentially been 9-5 so M and I have been spending the evenings watching South Park. We played DDR one night which was a lot of fun, and a few nights we went to get groceries. The second year grads also had the new folks over for a barbeque which was awesome.

I’ll keep you up to date on this week’s happenings! Don’t forget to comment, ask me any burning questions, and I’ll see you next week 🙂

Settling into Athens
July 30, 2011

Well, we’re here. It’s been a pretty rough week for me with everything. First my parents drove up with me which took two days, after which I got into my apartment but didn’t get much more information than that. Then Matt flew in on Tuesday so we grabbed him from the airport and came back down. The rest of the week was spent moving things in and searching for a car, which we finally bought Friday evening — ended up with a nice Ford Taurus. Parents left Saturday morning, we ran some errands, and finally went to see the last Harry Potter movie. Tomorrow we’re planning to meet up with another of the new Resident Directors and walk around campus a bit.

Right now I’m experiencing a huge mix of feelings. On one hand, I’m really excited to be in a new place. The apartment is a ridiculous amount of space, the campus is gorgeous, and hopefully I’ll get to play hockey come October. I’m also pretty thrilled to be living with Matt and seeing how this goes. On the other hand, work is making me nervous. I haven’t exactly been getting the best flow of information at the moment — I just officially got told yesterday what time training is beginning on Monday, I’ve received the dress code requirements for the department but don’t know how they specifically apply to grad students, and I don’t know anyone here other than two of my supervisors. It seems that most of the department has had various meetings already and I’m coming in brand new with very little knowledge of what to expect. I don’t know how long training will be, when my RAs will show up, or how much I will be expected to pick up on immediately. Heck, I still don’t know how to get my mail.

Hopefully Monday will clear things up for me, but we’ll see. It’s so strange being on a brand new campus, trying to learn things as fast as I can and get a sense for the culture here. Matt and I saw a ton of people going out to the bars on our way to the movie — I hope that I can fit in here without adhering too much to the local drinking culture since this really isn’t my thing.

I’ll give you all some updates once training starts and I have a better feel for my new role here at OU. I only hope that I can do a fantastic job and learn quickly, because I want to give my RAs a great experience with their supervisor that I didn’t necessarily have as an undergraduate. Wish me luck!