NaCreSoMo Day 2

For NaCreSoMo Day 2, I’ve recorded a cover of Vienna Teng’s “Blue Caravan”. I love this song, and it’s one of the few I can accompany myself on guitar without making too many mistakes.


4 Responses

  1. Yay Blue Caravan! One of my first Vienna Teng songs. Nicely sung.

    I don’t know if this is /helpful/ advice at all, but in the spirit of NaCreSoMo constructive criticism…it sounds a bit like you’re playing the guitar in response to your singing. That is, the singing is what’s setting the rhythm (when there are lyrics), and so you’re mostly strumming on the beats that are under the singing. This gave it a bit of a choppy feeling, which was…possibly intended? but not the way the original song goes. It might be worth consciously trying to invert that: set a stable rhythm with the strumming, then sing over that.

  2. Good job! I really enjoyed this and your voice is obviously very developed and practiced.

    I’ll second Jordan’s suggestion.

  3. I haven’t heard you sing in forever! 🙂

    Same sentiments as Jordy. I would really love to hear you re-record this and either have a metronome playing through headphones or make sure you feel the rhythm, especially the downbeat (swaying, keeping a pulse with your body, pulsing). But all in all, you have a very nice voice and good control, you should sing with more confidence!

  4. Give you props for playing and singing at the same time! I know with me and piano, it’s absolutely pointless haha.

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