Day 4: Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening

I’ve been pretty terrible about doing something daily (or at least posting it here), but on Tuesday I wrote some random lyrics that I thought I’d share. I’m not at all happy with the current “chorus” but I’m sure I can improve upon it greatly when I come back to it sometime.

Dusk falls upon a snowy evening

Headlights searching for answers in the dark

Winds carrying whispers beyond the trees

Lovers finding shelter in a nearby park


Hands fumbling in the darkness for companions

Televisions repeating insomniac dreams

Sleepy towns retreating, cities still screaming

Slender crescent moonlight beams


Hold me close in the night, my dear

Shelter me from the icy winter’s chill

Be my candle in the night, my watcher on the wall

Only you can take away my fear


2 Responses

  1. Record it!

    3/4 time, yes? (I think I still have “Watershed” in my head.)

    • Hmm, I hadn’t even thought yet about time signature or melody, to be honest.

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