Guess what day it is today? Yep, it’s day 1 of move-in weekend. Somehow I manage every year to pull a long night the night before and that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Despite my good intentions, I just had far too much to do. On top of that, one of the other housing grads hosted the rest of us at his apartment for dinner last night. We stayed until later than I planned, but it was a fantastic bonding experience that I dearly needed. After I got back I pumped though quite a bit – hall council flyers, lobby bulletin boards, running after staff to copy their welcome letters, and typing up some hall council applications. I can already tell that next year’s move-in is going to go smoother for myself, simply because I’ve already got resources typed up and a general idea of how long everything is going to take.

Yesterday was our CSP program orientation; honestly, I didn’t want to be there. I rushed to go to parking services early because I needed to get across campus by 8:30, but then it turned out the first half hour was socializing and eating fruit anyway. Really? I did not need to get up for that. Then the faculty re-introduced themselves, we talked about the tentative schedule for the switch to semesters, and we got to that which I was most displeased….teambuilders. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, I really, really do. I find them fun and useful and I’m excited to be learning how to facilitate them better. But when I’m stressed, exhausted, and have a ton of work waiting for me at home, I don’t want to be dragged outside to do some teambuilders. Especially in the heat and on top of that, wearing business casual and heels. Nope. Not what I wanted. By the time we were done with the entire orientation I was only more stressed out. I understand that many folks had just arrived in Athens and usually I consider teambuilders a great idea, but not that day. Not when I know I’ll have 2 more years to bond with my cohort, I’ll be seeing them for 12 hours of class a week, and I had more pressing issues to attend to back at my hall.

Today was the Graduate College orientation and I chose not to attend. I’m sure I missed out on some free food and some information, but I’m willing to get it later if I need it. Today I wanted to be here for my staff, I wanted to get some work done in my office and have the privilege of enjoying move-in day. Enjoy it I did. My staff is doing a fantastic job, I got to spend time with C. over in Wilson, and I even met a few residents!

I feel like I’ve finally found the path I belong on.

2 Responses

  1. so exciting!!! good to hear you are doing what you love! and yes to knowing your priorities:)

  2. This is all amazing, dear. I finally figured out I can leave comments via Facebook. o.O

    So glad you’ve settled into Ohio and training went well; I loved Ohio. Be careful of the snow, it can be disastrous on cars and spirits. But I cannot think of a more beautiful spring and fall than Ohio.

    Best of luck on the rest of the year!

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